Little Giant Revolution vs Xtreme - Ladder Comparison Review - YouTube

Choosing your ladder is not easy, because the market is full of various offers for this equipment. How to find a ladder at an attractive price? Telescopic or classic ladder? Here are some tips to guide you in your purchases.

The Comparisons

In case of the comparison between the two ladders, little giant velocity vs revolution there are some similarities as well as dissimilarities that you will get. Here we present them in front of you:

Little Giant velocity ladders are made with aerospace aluminum. On the other hand, the Little Giant Revolution ladders are made with military aluminum. Both of the elements make the ladders strong. The strength of your ladder will depend in part on your material. Aluminum is most often used for ladders because it is both light and easy to handle and requires little maintenance. 

The height

There are differences of heights when it comes to these two ladders. Whereas the Little Giant Velocity ladders are available in 13, 17, 22 and 26 feet, the Little Giant Revolution ladders are available in 17, 22, 26 feet. Their utilities vary as well due to these differences.

Locking System

The first one has the rapid locking system whereas the later one is installed with the rock locks. The Little giant Velocity is perfect for varying tasks. The Revolution is more suited for the homeowners. However, the later has the most advanced features.


There are some similarities also between these two ladders. Both of them are made with A frame structure with 90 degrees twisting options. They are adjustable and for easy transportation these ladders are perfect options.

If you want to equip yourself with a ladder in order to reach a reasonable height like a light bulb or the roof of a motorhome, there is no need to buy a very large ladder at the risk of having too bulky equipment in your interior. If on the contrary you want to reach particularly high areas such as the roof of your house or tree branches in height, a large ladder is then recommended. The telescopic ladder is a good option if you are looking to reach different heights, as it can be fixed at the height of your choice and can reach several meters in height.

This inexpensive ladder is very easy to handle, because it gains flexibility as it is deployed, while keeping its stability. It adapts to spaces that are difficult to access and can therefore be used for various works such as trimming hedges, decoration or work on the roof. 


You will understand, choosing its ladder requires careful consideration of the purchase criteria, both in terms of size and functionality. If you have a small house, remember to check that your ladder is foldable.