Have you ever worried about how foreign object debris, also called FOD, could impact your business and cost you money? The presence of this debris causes millions of dollars’ worth of damage for many different industries around the world. Maintaining a workspace free of FOD is important whether you work for an airport runway, race track, military aircraft operations, construction site, or more. Check out this list to discover the 5 ways that foreign object debris can cost you money and damage your company’s reputation.

One: Damage to Expensive Equipment and Machinery

One of the main reasons that you want to eliminate foreign object debris is that it can cause massive damage to yourexpensive equipment and vehicles. FOD poses a huge threat to the wellbeing of aircraft, automobiles, and a variety of tools and machinery. Think of how much damage could be caused by an airplane or racecar running over a hunk of metal or a broken piece of asphalt. If you don’t maintain clean and clear runways and racetracks, you run the risk of destroying your most valuable assets.

If you’re in charge of maintaining expensive machinery or vehicles, look into getting a FOD sweeper for your worksite. By eliminating problematic debris, you can focus on more important tasks that impact your business.

Two: Damage Brand Reputation and Trust

Customers and clients will notice the level of care you put into maintaining your workspace. Keep a FOD-free environment to highlight your professionalism, experience, and knowledge of safety procedures. No one wants to deal with inconvenient, unattractive foreign object debris, especially when it can cause serious safety issues as well. Build trust and loyalty for your brand by showing the world how much you care about eliminating FOD. Improving your reputation in this area will lead to increases in customer satisfaction and overall revenues.

Three: Wasted Time and Effort

Foreign object debris can cost you money in the long run by diverting important resources away from other aspects of your business. Stop wasting money, time, and energy trying to ineffectively manage FOD. Investing in a quality FOD sweeper from a brand like Aerosweep will significantly cut down your overall maintenance costs. If you aren’t using an adequate FODsweeper, you are likely wasting money using less effective solutions.

Four: Safety Issues and Liability Problems

More than anything else, it is important to eliminate FOD in order to protect employees and customers. Foreign object debris is very dangerous, and cause serious injuries. The consequences of an airplane, vehicle, or piece of equipment hitting this debris can be catastrophic. The best way to protect the wellbeing of everyone in the area is with a quality sweeper system. If you ignore the dangers of FOD, you open yourself up to liability issues and run the risk of seriously injuring or even killing someone.

Five: Costly Repairs

It can cost a lot of money to repair or replace vehicles and equipment damaged by foreign object debris. Even though FOD may appear small and harmless, the consequences could be massively expensive. Investing in a sweeper system is the best way to save money long term.

Trust Aerosweep to Eliminate FOD

If you come in contact with foreign object debris, get rid of it before it becomes an expensive problem. Invest in an Aerosweep FOD sweeper system to maintain a safe runway, racetrack, construction site, or other work environment. When you let trusted professionals help with your FOD problem, you make your whole operation safer and more efficient.

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