Hashish oil, hashish oil, cannabis oil or THC oil are basically different names for the same product. Although some talk about oil, it is in fact not oil but an ‘oleoresin’, the sticky end product full of essential oils. This resin is extracted from the trichomes (hash) or from the dried cannabis flowers (weed or marijuana).

The resin and thus the cannabinoids THC and CBD Oil UK can be extracted from the plant material mechanically drying, sieving and pressing of the resin or chemically extraction with solvents. What remains is a sticky substance with a strong spicy odor. This hash oil has a high THC content, usually between 10 and 30%. It is also called THC oil.

You Can Consume Hash Oil In Several Ways.

You can smoke it, swallow it, inhale the evaporated resin or the liquefied THC or Organic CBD concentrate. For example, ‘dabbing’ is a method in which an extract with a high concentration of TCH vaporizes and is inhaled through a vaporizer. Since 2010, there have been concentrates that can have a content of up to 90% THC. In this country, THC falls under the Opium Act as soft drugs. Officially the possession and production of soft drugs is punishable, but in practice the possession of small quantities is not prosecuted.

Rick Simpson Oil

THC oil is the so-called “Rick Simpson Oil” (RSO). The extract from the cannabis indica has a very high content of THC, up to 90%, and has a strong calming effect. The oil is particularly known for having a curative effect against cancer.

Rick Simpson suffered from chronic pain and tinnitus after being injured on the head in 1997 on the job. Because ordinary medicine did not help, he decided to treat himself with medication based on THC. He was looking for medical cannabis oil, but doctors wouldn’t prescribe marijuana because it would be harmful to his lungs. So he decided to make cannabis oil himself and to his surprise, it worked so well that he was able to return to normal work.

Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Oil?

If you want to buy organic cannabis oil, make sure that you do not order something that is prohibited because illegal products are sometimes also offered in internet shops. THC is an abbreviation of the psychoactive substance tetrahydrocannabinol is classified as soft drugs. That is, when the concentration of THC is more than 0.2%. This applies to all cannabis oils with THC, whether they are called hash oil, hashish oil, cannabis oil, Rick Simpson oil, THC oil or marijuana oil.

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