Engineered hardwood flooring resembles a real wooden finish. However, it is considered more stable and durable than solid wood flooring. The construction done for the engineered hardwood flooring strengthens the base of the floor. There are several layers attached with the help of heat and pressure to make firm and lightweight planks. The laminated construction is the key to engineered hardwood flooring as it prevents the floor from expanding and shrinking due to changes in weather and temperature. Typical engineered wood flooring has two layers. The inner core consists of high-density fiberboard and the lower layer is made up of hardwood that stops the moisture to peep in.

Features of Engineered hardwood flooring

  • Engineered hardwood flooring is available in a variety of wood species that has various finishes and color. Some of the manufacturers are therefore able to present you hundreds of options to choose from. You can check with the keywords as flooring installers near meon the internet to find flooring experts redesign the floor of your house. Some of the domestic favorites are cherry, maple, oak, and walnut. If you are looking for more intense colors, you can go for Sapele, acacia, and tigerwood.
  • The majority of the engineered hardwood floors come with durable polyurethane. The good quality floors use aluminum oxide for a perfect finish and extra toughness. They tend to last for more than 25 years. Refinishing a hardwood-flooring product with a hard coating can be a tedious and tricky job. You have to search for a person who has wide experience in removing the coatings of aluminum oxide.
  • Engineered hardwood flooring can either be glued or nailed down. They are also available as floating floor product that has end and edges to be locked together. Such type of flooring doesn’t require nails to fix. The floating ones are placed over a thin foam cushion underlayment. This type of flooring can be installed even on existing flooring. They are easy to be installed and can be done with any laborer’s help.

Floors made up of engineered hardwood are easy to be maintained. You can just weep or use the vacuum cleaner to keep the dust away. They are simply the best floors you can get for your home.

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