Lots of consumers will again be purchasing, gifting and using gift cards. Consumers love it when they check my vanilla visa balance and are loaded. It is loved for the convenience it brings in resolving a consumer’s gift shopping dilemma. Merchants also love gift cards, because most cardholders never exhaust whole funds on their cards.

 If you’re purchasing the gift card for yourself or for your loved ones it is worth it to get a good deal for your money and with these tips, you’re sure to do that. 

Only Buy From Trusted Sources

 Avoid purchasing gift cards from sources like online auction websites which can be fraudulent.

Know the Terms and Conditions

 Find out if buying or using the card comes with a fee. If you’re not satisfied with what you see, you can purchase elsewhere.

Ensure You’re Purchasing a Valid Card

 Always ensure that the protective stickers are still intact. Check to see scratched or exposed PIN. If you make such suspicious observation on cards, always report to the merchant.

Let the Recipient Have the Original Receipt

 If you’re gifting the card, make sure to give the recipient the sales receipt to enable them to prove the card’s purchase in the event of loss or theft.

Check the Expiration Date

CARD Act insists that a card must be acceptable for at least five years from the purchase date, or from the last date of adding money to the card. For cards that listed earlier expiration date, the funds can be transferred to a replacement card free.

Use Your Card ASAP

By delaying the use of your card, you may end up misplacing or forgetting about it. You don’t want to waste that card.

Report Lost or Stolen Cards

In the event of loss or theft, always report to the issuer. Most issuers will replace your lost cards, usually for a fee.

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