There are a lot of great reasons to try the newest thing in dining and experiencing a night out on the town: the weed restaurant. The first weed restaurant in the country has only just recently opened up in West Hollywood, California. However, similar establishments can be expected to open up in the near future as the public becomes curious about weed consumption with legalization taking place in many states.

If you’re curious about trying out a weed restaurant, the first thing that you should know about the experience of dining at one is that the food is great. In fact, the menu is designed to feature dishes that will complement the cannabis options perfectly. Food options are designed to enhance the diner’s high and maximize the enjoyment of the experience.

Another thing it’s important to know is that there are no alcoholic beverages for sale at these establishments. Currently, law prohibits weed and alcohol products from being served at the same time at the same establishment. To account for this, chefs at weed restaurants offer a lot of “mocktail” beverages that are alcohol free. At the Cannabis Café that recently opened up in West Hollywood, the menu includes beverages that are infused with cannabis to make up for the inability of the establishment to serve alcoholic beverages.

At the original Cannabis Café in West Hollywood, the food menu was created by the Cordon Bleu trained chef Andrea Drummer. Chef Andrea Drummer has established a reputation for herself regarding her ability to create outstandingly delectable culinary creations that include cannabis ingredients or complement cannabis consumption.

One thing that visitors to a weed restaurant might be concerned about is the smoke issue. A lot of guests who might be interested in cannabis consumption at the same time could feel bothered by excessive smoke in the air. Fortunately, the original Cannabis Café addresses this issue with a ventilation system including exhaust vents designed to minimize smoke and odor. Another thing the establishment has done to address smoke issues is plant fragrant vegetation around the building to help minimize the strength of any marijuana scent while also maximizing privacy for guests.

Restaurants like the one in California are likely to appear in many parts of the country as states continue to legalize. This will no doubt be appreciated by the many marijuana users throughout the country. These restaurants will give guests a new and unique experience. They will create an ideal environment not only for experiencing the enjoyment that cannabis consumption has to offer, but also for bringing people together and celebrating the much anticipated changes to the legal classification of marijuana.

Those who want to experience a cannabis restaurant should know that they’ll need to be at least 21 to get in. As with alcohol consumption, cannabis consumption is also limited to those who are of age in all states where the substance has been decriminalized. Do an online search or ask around at your local cannabis distillery if you’re interested in trying this new dining experience out and want to know if such an establishment has opened in your area.

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