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Eldercare or senior care is the special care that is offered to the old aged people to meet their varied needs and requirements. Various services are included under the eldercare such as the assisted living, nursing care, adult day care and home care services. It is the service that requires caring for physical disabilities, diseases and change in behavioural patterns during their old age. The old age is the sensitive phase – and they need the care and comfort to ensure the healthy life and leave behind the worries and anxieties.

Though a larger number of old aged people still live with their loved ones, and their family members take a turn to care them, many are not given proper attention and care that is much needed, complicating the physiological and psychological problems.

All the stages in a man’s life have their issues and troubles – from birth, childhood, adulthood to old age. The major issue with the old age is the deterioration of the physical strength and mental stability reduction. Many of the old age members will have medical issues such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure issues, arthritis, joint paints, tuberculosis or kidney infections.

Elders desire a life with dignity and financial independence. For this, it is critical to consider the care options when in crisis or worsen time. When dealing with extreme stress levels you are not able to research and understand the various options accurately.

Elderly care in the UK is now highly regulated, and the care providers in the residential, nursing home or care at home services are inspected rigorously to assure the senior citizen is cared, comfortable, safe and healthy.  This is vital as it offers the peace of mind to family members as well.

There are a lot of elderly care services available depending on the need. Some of the services available to help the elders are the personal care task and medication services.

Personal Care Tasks

  • Washing, showing and bathing
  • Dressing
  • Preparing meals
  • Brushing and tidying hair
  • Cleaning teeth and dentures
  • Facial shave with an electrical shaver
  • Attaching or removing night drainage bags to catheters
  • Fitting equipment and adaptations to your home

Medication Services

  • Maintaining the schedule of the medication
  • Tracking medication taken
  • Promoting to have the medication
  • Report the side effects of any medicine to family members or doctor

Seniors would have the loss of memory, become forgetful and inactive. They tend to take the medication on time or in the right dosage. Help for reminding the medicine intake, and its dosage will keep them healthy.

At Golden Care Services our professional and qualified team have a wealth of experience in elderly care. We understand that everyone is different and their requirements are not the same. So we offer the individual based care service by completing the assessment and implementation of the person-centred care plan. In case you need the elderly care service in Wantage for yourself or your loved one, get in touch with us. We offer a range of comprehensive elderly care service to help with personal and medication tasks. For more information or to discuss your requirements in detail, contact us today.

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