If you have decided on a specialist lawyer and asked to be contacted, the next step is the initial consultation. In this introductory, clarifying discussion, you can describe your concerns or your case to the lawyer and jointly design and discuss possible strategies. At the same time, you have the opportunity to get to know the Personal injury lawyer a little better and take a closer look before you decide whether you want to give him the mandate or not.

Which form of legal advice is best for you?

The initial consultation can take place in different ways. You should always choose the shape that best suits you and is easiest to do. If you have found the nearest specialist lawyer 500 kilometers away from your place of residence, it is certainly not possible to drive there quickly for a consultation and you may have to use the phone first.

Personal advice

If the law firm is nearby, it can never hurt if you personally meet with the lawyer in his or her office for initial advice. Many things are easier to explain if you sit face to face in a personal conversation and you get a good impression of your new lawyer and can get to know him a little better. You can bring important documents with you to this appointment and go through them together. The same is true for the Boy Scouts abuse lawyer as well.

Initial consultation on the phone

If it is not possible due to the physical distance that you go to the law firm’s office for the initial consultation, you can also conduct the call on the phone. This can be necessary above all if there are very few specialist lawyers in the relevant legal area. In these cases, you can arrange a first, detailed telephone call with the lawyer, in which you first describe the problem to the lawyer and then discuss various solution strategies with him.

Depending on the severity of the problem, it will also become clear whether it is necessary for you to meet with the lawyer once or several times in person or whether the matter can be settled without a personal meeting. Good communication skills are very important on both sides so that there are no misunderstandings.

Initial consultation by email

As a medium for initial consultation, email traffic is not really recommended. You can opt for the Auto accident attorney there. Communicative exchange is too difficult in this way and a real conversation will be difficult to conduct in this way. However, you can also use the email traffic to give the specialist lawyer important documents in advance or a brief summary of your problem, which he can read before the first interview. This is a good addition, especially if a personal meeting is not possible.

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