Rolex Submariner Ceramic Rubber Strap: Complete Guide - Millenary Watches

If you decide to buy a watch, the first idea of what you are looking for refers to the design of the case and movement type. For most people, watches are just another complement to complete their look. Just as you choose between a handbag or another, a pair of flats or high heel shoes, a foulard or a cap, a tie or suspenders, watches are part of that increasingly rich world of accessories. 

At that moment, sometimes, we take away the importance of the bracelet, one of the fundamental elements. The mere definition as “wristwatch” is precisely the essential thing for the watch to exist and be worn on the wrist. The other important characteristic of a bracelet is that it usually defines the watch’s style through its color and type of material.

Whether leather, stainless steel, canvas, rubber, nylon, or other materials: regular replacement of watch straps made of different materials is prevalent. Even vegan watch straps have found their niche in the market. Besides, straps with a quick-change system are also becoming increasingly popular, as they do not require much knowledge to replace them quickly. It is impressive to see how wide the price range is between straps that, at first glance, seem identical. But really, as with all things: quality pays.

The handle or pin’s width is quite essential when buying a belt because the distance between the handles will determine the width of the belt. Standard straight handle widths for women’s models range from 14mm to 18mm. For men’s models, they range from 18 mm to 22 mm. Unusually large watches, such as the Panerai, have a handle width of up to 26 mm. Finding straps with odd handle widths such as 19 mm and 21 mm, which some watch manufacturers use, is a little more complicated. However, you can find these sizes in well-stocked online stores with a certain amount of travel.

Some people who own a Rolex submariner do not care much about the strap they wear; after all, if appropriately treated, steel bracelets have the advantage that they can reach or exceed the life of the watch. Therefore, people who choose this option will not need to replace the strap at all. Other people, however, enjoy changes and enjoy giving their watch a new Rolex submariner rubber strap from time to time. After all, appearances are what count in the world of fashion.

Suppose you decide to venture into the world of strap changes. You need to consider that if you are going to practice physical activities such as fitness, running marathons, or water sports, it is not the same as if the strap is made of metallic materials or made of rubber, silicone, or resin. For example, those that are metallic can generate discomfort when practicing specific sports or activities in hot weather. Watch designers are very aware of all the details that occupy the wristwatch and work hard to get the right combination for the watch style to get its spirit through its new Rolex submariner rubber strap. The material and color will largely determine the coherence with the watch case and dial.

Many manufacturers of recognized brands have recognized the importance of their watches’ strap, so when they present their new collections offer different alternatives in bracelet materials, the same has happened with external suppliers. You can notice that influence on the price. 

A rubber bracelet for luxury watches is not the same as one for cheap watches. Everything is in agreement in terms of quality and materials. Going a little bit beyond the watch’s style, another characteristic of the Rolex submariner rubber strap is that it is resistant. The good quality ones integrate a closing mechanism, the pins, and the bracelet’s material safe enough to guarantee that the watch will not come off.