When buying products from Apple, they always give a warranty for it. It is necessary and has always been a requirement for big brands to offer a warranty. With this, consumers have the assurance to have their assistance whenever needed. For the most part, the Macbook pro warranty lasts for three years. It is a great deal already considering the price tag of the item. But, you do not want to rely too much on the warranty of the product. You also need to ensure that your MacBook is in high-end condition at all times to avoid any issues.

Lengthen your battery lifespan

One customary issue that people with MacBooks get is their batteries getting busted. In most cases, it is due to overheating and not able to let their laptops rest. Aside from this, it may also be the cause of overcharging. The battery is a vital part of a MacBook since this is where the laptop gets its power. So, ensure that you do not let your MacBook pro drain its battery.

Remain the battery on 30% and charge it up once it gets to this point. Also, do not charge your laptops for too long to avoid overheating. Battery changes for MacBook pros may be pricey, but at ESMOND, this is not the case. They are an affordable macbook pro battery replacement singapore based repair shop people have trusted for decades now.

Keep 10-30% free of space

There are instances that your laptops may be getting a little slow to process commands. You do not know why, but it seems like, as you use it daily, it slows down. You might want to check the storage of your MacBook pros if you observed this happening. MacBook pros may have plenty of storage available, but you still need to check if it’s crammed. More so, if you are using your laptop for more than a year or two.

Clean your storage by deleting unnecessary files and applications that you do not use. With this, you are giving space for your laptop. Keep 10 to 30% free storage so that your laptops will not slow down in commands. By this, you are keeping your laptops free from issues and lags and have a smoother transition in apps.

Keep the device clean

After taking a few notes of the internal care tips, you also need to keep the visible part of your MacBook decent. Ensure to use a clean soft-lint cloth to wipe your screen. Also, use a soft brush to clean off the dust on your keyboard. You can also put a cover for your keyboard to avoid specks of dust from accumulating. Do not clean your keyboards using a wet cloth or anything that has water in it. Chances are, it will get absorbed in the holes of the keyboard. After that, you can wrap everything up with a clean case.

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