You must pass a secure English. At least you have to pass B1 English test. In B1, you have to pass the speaking and listening test. If you do not know how to write then no issue still you can apply for the test because the test is for sparking and listening test. If you give the rest and you have passed, then you will get the visa of the country, or you want to remain in the country you have to give the smart B1 test only.

The Test Information

  • It will be only 10 minutes speaking and listening test. You will not get any extra time. So be in confident do not hesitate or do not be silent because you have only less time so do this fast. Give a good impression on the examiner.
  • Suppose you apply exam through any site. Then your result will be emailed to you. You will get the result within a week. So do not take tension; it is not like a college exam that the result will come late. If you fail also, you can attempt the exam again, but the problem is that it is costly. If you attempt again and again, then your money will be wasted. So try to clear your exam on the first attempt only.
  • The test includes speaking and listening only. Do not be confused that you have to give writing exam you must also know that it is not necessary.

You have to select a topic so that you will tell the examiner about the topic. The examiner will ask certain questions about the topic so be prepared. Know everything about the topic. Do not choose a topic which you do not know anything. If you select a topic which you know something, then you can select and practice it.

The examiner will tell you something. He or she will see how do you respond to the question. Before going to give a test, make sure you make you’re a good routine. If you involve in the English language in your daily life, then it will be easier for you to understand and speak. There are many ways to learn the English language. You can buy a book, or you can watch English videos online. To learn the English language fast, you can listen to different songs. If you do not know what the meaning of the owed is, you can search online if you want. Now everything has become online you do not have to go for English language classes to learn.

If you want to really work hard, then you can learn online also. B1 test booking can be made online. The site will give you the centre in which you will give the test. If you are not satisfied with the date, then you can change it according to your wish. There are many people who apply for this test to get a visa to the country. But make sure that you fill your details correctly on the form if you miss anything you have an option to correct your personal details again.

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