Reading glasses becomes necessary for viewing clearly when you have either farsightedness or presbyopia  Although, in both the conditions it becomes difficult to view objects that are kept close by at nearly less than the arm’s length as they appear blurry and hazy. However, the causes are different. Farsightedness is caused due to changes in the shape of the lens at any age group. Whereas, Presbyopia is the condition of the eyes wherein the natural lens of the eyes loses its flexibility and becomes weak due to old age generally after reaching the 40s. Therefore, reader glasses with convex lenses (that are thin from inside and thick from the corners or the edges) are required to fix the refractive errors of the eyes. This way the user can view the objects that are nearby clearly without any medical procedure.

Thus, with the reading glasses the user can clearly do several things while focusing at close by distance easily such as reading newspaper, doing needlework, using a smartphone, working on computer etc.

Can I wear my reading glasses all day?

Many times, users get worried if they should wear their reader glasses the entire day or limit the usage only while they are doing something that requires readers.

Well, the answer to this question totally depends upon the need and prescription of the user. In case you are in your teens and have not yet attained 40 years of age, then it is suggested to use your reading glasses at a particular time while you are working on computer, needlework or anything that requires focus at nearby objects. Otherwise, you can relax and go free without glasses. 

But, in case your prescription is very strong then it is better you must wear them the entire day to help your eyes stay stress-free and the prescription of the glasses does not vary further.  In case, you often experience pain or stress then remove your glasses sometimes in between during the day and take a break when you do not require to use them.

Also, if you happen to wear distance glasses in your teens and also have farsightedness issues then you wear your distance glasses the whole day and use reading glasses only when necessary.

On the contrary, an individual that suffers from Presbyopia, which is associated with the old age disorder, the condition of the eyes is worse. After attaining 40s, you may not escape from the vision disorder wherein the lens will weaken, thicken and become inflexible. Therefore, there is difficulty in viewing objects that are close by. At such an age, it is recommended to wear the readers the entire day. Because, at this age, there are chances that your long distance vision may also get affected.

And to solve the problem of farsightedness and presbyopia at old age, if you feel comfortable, opt for varifocals glasses with two prescriptions in one lens to correct both nearsightedness and farsightedness.

Moreover, it is always recommended to consult your Optometrist about whether you should wear your reading glasses full day or not. Because he has thoroughly checked your eyes and can give better advice.


Is it safe to buy prescription glasses online that have frame glasses designer?

It is absolutely safe to buy prescription glasses online that have frame glasses designer.  There are myths and wrong notions attached to the belief that when you buy prescription glasses online there are chances that the lenses have wrong power, or the material of the frame glasses designer varies than the actual specification shown on the website. Some of the buyers do complain about such issues that is because they buy glasses from such manufacturers that do not deal in quality material and may sell fake products.

Therefore, it is very important to select your eyewear manufacturer carefully. Remember, a trusted name that has been selling high class quality eyeglasses is the right choice. We recommend Specscart that has always kept its promise of delivering the best quality eyeglasses at affordable prices. Whether you want your readers having frame glasses designer styles, or brands that reflect multiple colours, patterns, animal prints and designs, Specscart is the right place to choose your glasses.