Men: gel, wax, mousse... which styling product should I choose?

If a hair product causes you an allergy, it can harm your hair. The hair products may include shampoo, gels, mousses, hair sprays, or hair color. Over the course of time, these products make a coating over your hair. It causes your hair to become dry, firm, weak and makes them prone to fall and split ends. The covering restrains the hair follicles from receiving essential nutrients and oil, which are responsible for hair growth and health. If you have used hair products excessively in the past and experiencing loss of hair, consult with your doctor for effective hair loss treatment for men or women. You may have to abandon or give up using harmful hair products. Your healthcare provider may suggest other effective treatments according to your condition.

Both men and women use these hair products. Therefore, any person, who is allergic to these commodities or even not but using them frequently, can notice the damage. Stop using hair products that cause harm to your hair health. Once you notice the damage, do not use those products again. Moreover, you can also consult with your doctor before switching to another brand or product. He or she may tell you the effective ones while keeping your hair type and problem in mind.

What else can cause hair loss?

There are various causes of hair loss. Medical conditions to stress anything can result in causing loss of hair. Let us discuss the causes of hair loss briefly-

  • Medical conditions or treatment

Medical conditions like syphilis, lupus and thyroid problems can cause hair loss. Moreover, the treatments used for hypertension, cancer, arthritis, and depression can show alopecia as their side effects.  Consult with your doctor for effective hair loss treatment for men or women that may not hinder your pre-going treatments.

  • Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes, which take place in women during pregnancy, after childbirth, or menopause, can lead to temporary hair loss.

  • Stress

Physical or emotional stress can cause your hair follicles to go into the resting stage and make them weak and brittle. However, your hair may grow back after you overcome your stress.

  • Male pattern alopecia

It is a genetic disorder that can pass on from generation to generation and cause hair loss in both men and women. Also known as androgen alopecia, male pattern baldness is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks the healthy cells, including the ones that are responsible for hair growth.

In addition to these causes, scalp infections can also cause your hair to fall out in bulk and cause hair loss condition. Consult with your doctor if you are experiencing alopecia. He or she may identify the cause and prescribe effective hair loss treatment for men and women.