6 Core Exercises to Ease Lower Back Pain | Daily Burn

Back pain is an unpleasant sensation, but the causes of this pain can be completely different. If you constantly attend sports training or do fitness, pain can occur from improper movement or body position. It happens that pain is felt only when performing a certain exercise. Then you need to change it to a similar one, in which it will no longer be. In this case, the cause may be a muscle or ligament sprain. It usually goes away after a few days.

If your back hurts for a long time, you should consult a doctor or apply the best CBD cream for pain. You can inflict a deeper injury during training or fitness at home. The doctor will diagnose and prescribe treatment. Depending on the severity of the disease, physio therapeutic procedures, massage, medications and injections, which should relieve inflammation, can be prescribed. And until it passes and severe pain subsides, training is not recommended. After some time, it will be possible to resume classes, but to do only those exercises that will help to further strengthen the back without harming health.

A person who is used to doing sports or fitness regularly can easily overcome back problems. Indeed, athletes also have frequent injuries (sometimes serious) during competitions or training. But they are quickly returning to normal activities and continue to set new records.

Another thing is when people who are untrained begin to experience back pain, which until that moment was not there. Pain can arise from over strain and then go away. But if it becomes permanent, you can not leave it unattended. If the pain is not acute, therapeutic exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the body will help.

These exercises are simple, you can even perform them at home. It is not recommended to choose the complex yourself, although the Internet has a lot of information on a similar topic. You must first visit a doctor, undergo an examination, and then follow his advice.

Spinal Diseases and Fitness

The back can hurt with a variety of diseases that have not manifested themselves for a long time. The most common of them are osteoporosis, scoliosis and diverticulitis – frequent elderly companions. But recently, these diseases have become younger, which is caused, to a greater extent, by a sedentary lifestyle.

Scoliosis is acquired in childhood, it can be corrected only up to 22 years. But exercises will help prevent further curvature of the spine.

You can start gymnastics at any age and with any physical fitness. If earlier patients with a hernia, which causes severe pain during compression of the nerve roots, were sent for surgery, now doctors both abroad and in Russia do not advise this, since often the main problem is not solved. Exercise, also helping to reduce the size of a hernia, helps to restore the back, strengthen the muscles of all parts of the spine.

Gym Workouts

When practicing in the gym, all exercises with a strong axial load on the spine should be excluded: squats, lunges (with weights and without weights), various bench presses and standing dumbbells, tilts and turns of the body while sitting and standing, running, jumping and exercising on a stationary bike.


  • Horizontal exercise bike, bench presses or fit ball – the back should not bend;
  • Exercises on all fours;
  • Stretching exercises on a bench or fit ball (lying stretch your arms above your head);
  • Exercises on an inflatable ball (it absorbs and removes axial load from the spine).

With all diseases of the back, swimming helps, developing all muscle groups at the same time. But it is not recommended to swim with a raised head, it is harmful to the neck and thoracic spine. It is better to swim on your back or in glasses, lowering your face into the water. 

For other doubts, you must consult a fitness trainer to get red if your back pain.