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Around the world, as crimes against children seem to be soaring, many parents are making a significant shift from sending their wards off to some government or private schools to educating them on their own. Homeschooling has been taken up by storms out of every loving parent’s concern and harm predominantly and then comes other reasons like dissatisfaction revolving around the education system and some religious beliefs which claim that the traditional schooling is so not helping their children to grow and become a better version of themselves. 

Homeschooling as a movement began in the 1970s when John Holt and Dorothy and Raymond Moore started throwing some light on the already- existing educational reforms. The flaws in the traditional education system is what actually urged people, back then to have some other way of educating their children. Since then parents started educating their children on their own adhering to education-related requirements of the State or any other Board as soon as their child turned school age. From alphabets, numbers to equipping their child’s knowledge with his/her mother tongue, basic information/ introduction to festivals, children are taught from the most basic things to the complex ones, throughout the process. Following things are usually taught across various nations as parents take a step towards homeschooling their children.

  • Moral Values are taught not just theoretically but also practically as parents initiate their children to celebrate festivals like Bhai Dhooj or Raksha Bandhan with great fervour. Children are encouraged to do rakhi shopping for their siblings as they look for a perfect pair of kids rakhi online for them. If one is quite older than the other one and has a big married sister, then  one is encouraged to look for some cool rakhi gifts for married sisters. This way one learns about sharing, brotherhood, generosity and gratitude, among many other such morally correct values. 
  • Numbers or tables are not just taught over bookish knowledge. Rather their application is made in day to day lives to make the learning, a happy or interesting process. For instance, as parents hit some grocery stores or supermarkets, they take their children along with them to know about currency and its exchange by using orders of operation like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This act will also help them know about different types of fruits, vegetables, that they eat to stay healthy. 
  • Fun games like atlas, quizes or pictonery are not just some games that will help one to bond better with their family but also will teach them about different nationalities, nations and about general knowledge. There are many online sources available to teach children about various things pictorially. 
  • Watching kids movies to increase the vocabulary and to grasp the accent. As movies are something very appealing to children, their learning process will be made fun as they homeschool under their parent’s guidance. 

Parents can set a convenient time suitable to their children as well as to them for some hours to homeschool their wards effectively. They can connect with some homeschooling groups to get a better understanding and how to go by as they choose to homeschool their child.  

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