What is horse riding?

Many people often get confused between horse riding and horse racing. If you refer to horse racing as horse riding, then you are probably overshooting a mark and making a Himalayan blunder.

In a short and simple sentence, horse racing is all about a sport where the participant rides the horse to win and compete with other racers in the racing field. Whereas, on the contrary to horse racing, horse riding is common referred to as an activity wherein a person mounts on the back of the horse.

There can be many reasons as to why you want horse riding. Usually, in many parts of the world, people ride the horse for fun and entertainment purpose. A model who does branding of any horse-related product or accessories can help be a rider.

And sometimes, the remotest part of the world or countryside area look towards horse riding as an important way of transportation. Although, it is replaced with modern generation cars and pickup trucks.

In some part of South Asia, a guy who will be getting married shortly also rides the horse to complete the rituals and traditional process.

Why you need safety while riding the horse?

Horse riding is pack with excitement and joy until your control over the horse gets lost, and you start suffering the consequences in the meantime. It would be funny to say that we humans have developed a gadget which can read your horse mind and inform you about what he/she will do with you.

You must have read the phrase “Prevention is better than cure” in any part of your life, especially in the recent months of the outbreak. It is the worst idea to ignore that safety equipment. Even professional riders and horse racers never forget to take safety measures.

Here is the best safety measure you should and must know before going for a horse ride.

  • Helmets

You may have seen those construction workers and builders wearing yellow-coloured helmets. According to facts, the human brain is the most important part of the whole body. It’s like a CPU of the computer.

After all, your body is of no use if your brain stops working. Therefore, when it comes to safety, one should not ignore the head region at any cost.

In horse riding, there is a likelihood of tumbling down, and in the worst-case scenario, your head part may hit the ground first. To overcome this issue, purchase a tough and strong helmet fromĀ https://www.discount-equestrian.co.uk/ now!

  • Knee padsĀ 

We all are familiar with the knee pads. Usually, mountain bike rider, skateboarders, American football player and even heavy weight lifters protect their knees by giving them strong padding on both sides.

Coming to horse riding, you never know whether a horse is going to speed up suddenly. And yes, on average, tourist with the intention of comfortable horse ride face this issue in common.

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