Cyber-attacks have become quite common in the world and this shows many companies are not doing enough to protect their system from malicious hackers. Being an organization, you could engage the services of ethical hacker to find and fix vulnerabilities of the systems. There were many situations in the past where ethical hacking prevented potential attacks. However, such cases consist of sensitive information and hence only few of them have been made public.

Hackers are categorized into three types including grey hat, black hat and white hat. The hackers who operate under black hat operate illegally and attempt to bypass the security controls. Their motivation can be financial, political or even personal.

Types of hackers

Hackers with grey hat try to find vulnerabilities in an organization and then alert the organization about security breach and publish the vulnerabilities. There have been cases in the past where grey hats have sold these vulnerabilities to the law enforcement agencies or government who further use such information against the company. Such activities are questionable and illegal because they are never given permission to conduct such operations.

White hat hackers

White hat hackers are paid by the organization to find all the vulnerabilities in the system. This is the reason they are known as the ethical hackers. Most of the time ethical hackers and organizations are binded by a non-disclosure agreement. This will make sure that both the parties are protected and no illegal activity has been performed.

Advantages of efficient hacker management system

You could hire efficient hackers for an effective management program. However, you must keep interests of hackers in mind. They must be acknowledged for their time and contribution. If the professional spares you a significant harm, you must pay him for the same. Most of the hackers want a clear line of communication and easy point of contact in your organization, whether it is a developer or IT security person.

Most of these hackers enjoy their work. They love to solve puzzles and eager to share their vulnerabilities. They understand the importance of ethical hacking for a company and make sure that they fulfill interests of their clients. You can embrace into their diverse community and tap into their passion to reduce the risk profile of your company. These are some best practices that will help you to avoid any case of security breach.