Pipette with Cannabis oil against Marijuana plant

The stem, leaves and flowers of the hemp has huge amount of CBD content, and traces of THC and other beneficial cannabinoids. CBD oil, derived from the hemp plant, is legal to use and has medicinal and healing properties. CBD oil extracted from marijuana contains a high amount of THC and less CBD content and is illegal to use in the U.S.A. This THC content brings a psychoactive and intoxicating effect that makes you feel high.

Here are the few points you should consider for avoiding mistakes while buying CBD oil:

  1. Do not compromise with quality over price

The price of cannabis oil may vary at different CBD stores. It is due to the techniques used in the production of CBD oil and extraction of CBD.

The Just CBD Store, headquartered in Florida, has been producing premium quality of CBD oil from the hemp plant. They have offline and online retail stores since 2017. Their CBD products vary from gummies to vape oil, from oil tinctures to edibles and much more. Their products and raw materials are strictly lab tested batchwise to maintain the legal limit of 0.30% THC.

Cheaper CBD oil means inferior CBD and other compounds contained in it. A better priced CBD oil must be produced using advanced scientific techniques and high quality of ingredients. You may not prefer price over quality as far as your health is involved.

  1. Check the source of CBD and the hemp plant growing conditions

Legal and medicinally beneficial CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant only. The hemp plant must be cultivated organically within the U.S.A., without the use of any agricultural chemicals in the soil. CBD oil is useful in activating your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to co-ordinate effectively with receptors and neurotransmitters for efficient bodily functions like sleep, appetite, pain and lots more.

  1. Do not buy CBD oil to get the feeling of intoxicated

The U.S. FDA laws have made it mandatory to limit the THC level of 0.30% or less in all CBD products. Researches have clinically proved that 0.30% THC level in CBD oil is necessary to produce a high entourage effect for high health benefits, and the level of 0.30% THC is not sufficient to product intoxicating and psychoactive effects.

  1. Do not rely on the manufacturer’s lab reports only

You must match the CBD oil product label with the Certificate of Analysis (COA), issued by a third-party lab, and vendor’s lab reports to verify the accuracy and genuineness of your CBD oil. If the vendor denies showing these reports, it is better to avoid buying from them. You can choose a transparent vendor instead.

  1. Verify the genuineness of CBD oil through its product label

The product label should indicate the CBD extraction method, source of the hemp plant and type of CBD product. It should also mention the percentage content of CBD, THC, other individual cannabinoids and nutrients. The genuine CBD oil must be extracted from locally cultivated hemp plant using CO2 extraction method. It should contain high level of CBD and less than 0.30% THC.

There is no prescribed dosage for CBD oil. You can start with small dose and keep increasing till you feel healing effects. You can consult your doctor if you are under other medication.