Zanzibar is an autonomous part of the mainland of Tanzania. It consists of 2 big islands – Unguja and Pemba on the coast of East Africa. In stone town, you can simply move around in a narrow streets without getting bored.

Here are some of the best holidays to Zanzibar tips and tricks:

Cheap flights

Taking a flight is pretty simple by using flights offered by Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Air, and Fly Dubai. There are several domestic flights like Precision Air. Zanzibar maintains its own immigration service’s although it is a part of United Republic of Tanzania, so it is suggestive to carry a national identify for Tanzania or a passport for foreigners. So book your flights to Zanzibar now.

When to visit

The height of summer on holidays in Zanzibar is mid June and winters is in December. Anyway, the islands are hot all year round due to their proximity to the equator. The little rains occur November – December. Guess frequent showers that do not last long.

Some coastlines can get extremely seaweed heavy at this time. The long rains fall between April and July. The rainy seasons are visitor low-seasons but for those looking for seclusion and not so bothered by the weather, they can attractive.

Respect culture

Zanzibar is a Muslim town. With a quite bit of respect, restraint and consideration this should not prove problematic for most visitors, there are definitely some exceptions.

The big cultural code that many Western visitors fail to adhere is the dress code. While uncovered arms and shoulders are acceptable, and female travelers should not feel obliged to wear any type of head gear, trousers and long skirts are advised.

Food and accommodation

Getting food in Zanzibar is pretty simple, most of the people pick to purchase different levels of domestic food at a cheap price in the Fordodhani (food market), but also there is the choice of dining at restaurants. Charming hotels abound in Kendwa, Stone Town, and Nugwi for accommodation available in holiday packages in Zanzibar .


Zanzibar is in a malaria region and you need to take precautionary measures. Prophylaxis is most probably the excellent choice. Buy also, use repellents and other defensive measures.


The currency in Tanzania is the Tanzanian Shilling. There is only few ATM in Stone Town so we would advise you to withdraw sufficient money for your stay in Zanzibar Island,  otherwise, you might run out of cash and most of the locations would not take cash.

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