Festive seasons have been started and perhaps you are planning to make this Christmas much special than all the previous celebrations, aren’t you! It is the truth that any event is incomplete without having a special treat with tasty foods. And nothing would be a better idea than preparing a recipe with Foie Gras For Christmas.

What is Foie Gras?

It is one of the most expensive foods popular in France and treated as the delicacy meal on the table. Foie Gras is the liver of a goose or duck which has a buttery smooth texture. It is available to buy online and offline in various forms like raw, half-cooked, or fully cooked.

Best 4 Foie Gras Recipes To Make Your Christmas Special

1.     Foie Gras Terrine

You can take the raw foie gras and put it in a terrine with some basic ingredients like salt, pepper, white wine, etc. And then put it on a low temperature and let it be ready in the water bath. You can add more ingredients as per your choice and prepare a nice dish with foie gras.

2.     Bread Stuffed With Foie Gras

Another quick and easy recipe for Foie Gras For Christmas is layering the bread. For this recipe, you can purchase the fully cooked foie gras. And then take a few slices of bread, cut that into your desired shape, and then layer it with foie gras, pear-vanilla confit, and some sauces. You can also add some sweeteners for taste.

3.     Smoked Goose Foie Gras

You can buy the block of foie gras or the whole one. Give it the desired shape with the help of the pairing knife and then smoke it. You can also toss the cubes on the pan and serve it by sprinkling some salt and pepper. It can be the best pairing snacks for your wine party as well.

4.     Serve It With Pickled Mushroom And Onion

If you have brought semi-cooked or raw foie gras then just cook it well in the water bath. Now cut it neatly into thin slices and put it on a plate. Add some fried onions and pickled mushroom over it. Sprinkle some seasoning and finally, you can garnish it with some herbs, sauces, and homely made chutney.

So, these were some quickest yet tasty recipes you can make with a duck of geese foie gras. So, which recipe you are going to prepare for coming Christmas?