A universal travel adapter helps to charge the gears. In every country, different types of converters are being put in use. However, the Universal adapter plug (ปลั๊ก universal adapter, which is the term in Thai) is made in such a manner that it could be put in use anywhere. This is the main reason why the usage of these adapters has grown up drastically.

There are several types of Universal adapters that are made available in different stores. Now, among them, the newest varieties of the universal adapter include the “Universal Travel Adapter with USB Port” and “Universal AC Travel Adapter”. They differ in their functionalities.

Universal Travel Adapter with USB Port

This is the common product used by the globe trotters. It is used to power up electronic gadgets by the use of USB plugs. Now, the best part is one does not need to carry any sort of heavy accessories along with them. All one needs to do is plug it into the USB port of the computer.

Well, if you check the price, this particular product is affordable. It can be purchased by anyone to enjoy the entire trip without any sort of trouble. This adapter is a development by making use of the latest technology and hence it offers multiple features to its user for charging up their electronic equipment in a quite comfortable manner. Even the entire design of this adapter is quite fascinating. It has got 1 USB pot, LED indicators with compact and lightweight features.

Universal AC Travel Adapter

If compared to the Universal Travel Adapter with USB Port, this particular Universal AC Travel Adapter is a bit bulky in size. However, people who go traveling at regular intervals prefer to make use of it as it helps in connecting with the different types of plugs at one side itself. So, once the knob selector is turned on varieties of plug blades come out from the other side. This adapter is even so small that it easily finds a space even in the most crowded suitcases.

The best part of any of the Universal plug Price (ปลั๊ก universal ราคา, term in Thai) is its reasonable pricing. They bear an affordable price tag which makes it quite pocket-friendly. Now, when compared with the multiple advantages, it offers one can say the price for their Universal adapters is very nominal rates.

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