House space! One of the biggest concerns for the people living in urban regions like Pattaya. The biggest issue the housing selection makes you confront is the decision of space. In the big cities, people are on a low budget thus that they cannot afford to buy big houses. This ultimately leads to people owning houses with low space. They have to set up their ‘camp’ in places where they could have just enough space to live in. The kind of small houses that come at a budget in cities like Pattaya don’t offer you good space options for storing your goods, and thus you have to only keep what you need.

The main problem is that people don’t want to lose goods that may be of some sentimental value to them. It may be a guitar that your father gifted you or a hot wheels track collection you made when you were a kid. These objects cannot be valued in monetary terms because they have a sentimental value to them, and what low space house makes you do is to sacrifice these very items.

The Urban Analogy

In the urban areas, people are always looking for spaces, space for their cars, trucks, goods, etc. The space crunch is the biggest issue when you are living on a budget in the concrete jungle. In order to sort this issue to some level, people have to adhere to certain urban trends.

There is a new trend coming up in the market of storage space, wherein you can hire these spaces to store the goods that you don’t use regularly. This space for hire is called Pattaya self storage. The basic ideology of these spaces is that you have to store your goods by yourself in these spaces.


  • The advantage of Pattayaself storage is that you can have a check on the storage space yourself. It means that you can look at the security of the space, working, the cooperation of the staff and other factors.
  • Another crucial thing that you can know when you visit the storage area is the cleaning of the storage space. You don’t want to end up with bugs at your place.
  • Also, you end up saving a bit of money when you go to store goods by yourself. You don’t need to pay the charges for the pick-up executive.