After Class 10th board exams students usually take a step back from their studies. 12th grade is like a fresh start for the students because, in terms of course content, it is very different as compared to what you have studied in your Class 10th standard. In ISC Class 12 if you opt for science stream, then the difficulty level will be higher as it is no more general science. 12th-grade science will teach you some new concepts of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Maths. 12th grade is all about the in-depth study of concepts that you have studied in your 9th standard. In Class 12, students need to emphasize more on application rather than focusing on theoretical study.

In grade 12 Chemistry, Physics and Biology are entirely new and so is Maths excluding some part. Maths is essential in 12th. If students want to score well in ISC Class 12, they should have a stronghold on all subjects. For those students who will be preparing for JEE, or wish to pursue a career in the engineering field, then students can’t avoid Maths. Maths is vital for a better understanding of Physics and Chemistry as well.

Students must take their ISC Class 12 exam seriously as it will decide their future for further studies. The Indian School Certificate Class 12 exams are conducted by Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

Following are the tips to prepare yourself for 12th grade:

  • Students from the very beginning should be focused and motivated.
  • Don’t miss your classes and always pay attention to all what is taught in your class.
  • Revise whatever is taught in school on the very same day at home and make it a daily routine to do so.
  • Prepare a proper study table and divide the time accordingly among the subjects based on your strengths and weaknesses. Always stick to this study schedule strictly.
  • While studying always keep a collection of your doubts and clear your doubts the next day with your respective subject teacher.
  • While revising don’t skip numerical as it will also count your marks and preparation.
  • During the class, always try to ask questions if you have any doubt regarding any important concept.
  • For studying purposes, you can take reference from the previous year question paper or sample paper to get an idea about the question paper pattern, marks weightage and important topics.
  • While studying, you must have a piece of thorough knowledge about the syllabus as well as read your course books properly.
  • As highlighted earlier the importance of mathematics, you should always practice from Maths books for betterment. It is the most scoring subject if you study well.

Along with proper guidance, students should choose the right study materials. Students should begin their exam preparation by referring to their respective ISC syllabus. They can download related study materials from various online sources prepared according to the syllabus. Students should refer to their textbook solutions before switching into any reference material. These textbook solutions will help them to solve questions provided in the textbooks.

By following the tips mentioned above, students can score good marks in their Class 12 exam. The marks scored in the Class 12 exam will decide future higher studies.

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