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Park maintenance is all the work required to keep a public park area clean, safe, clean, and operating well to serve the needs of its clients.

Workers in a park plant flowers and shrubs and flowers, prune trees, mow grass, and provide fertilization and pesticide services. They also manage and maintain the sprinkler and irrigation systems.

It is also the work of maintenance workers to maintain walking trails, swimming pools, fire pits, playground equipment, grills, picnic shelters, and restrooms. In addition, they empty trash cans on outdoor areas and throughout. They repair, monitor and care for water filtration systems, pipes, equipment, fences and signs.

Types of theme park maintenance workers

These include entry-level professionals up to supervisory staff.

  • Theme park maintenance supervisor: Supervisors manage, assign and oversee the program of park maintenance workers. They monitor, train and hire workers and act as a liaison between park management and the department or a board of directors.
  • Janitor: The janitorial staff cleans picnic shelters, park buildings, and restrooms. Tasks include washing glass doors and windows, vacuuming meeting areas, sweeping out outdoor debris and leaves, replacing light bulbs, cleaning toilets and sinks, and mopping floors.
  • Theme park maintenance technician: These team members repair, inspect, and maintain park buildings including water, electrical and HVAC. They also service and sharpen tools and equipment used by landscape professionals
  • Landscape professional: These plant bushes, shrubs, and flowers: fertilize lawns, manage irrigation systems, remove snow and leaves, and weed and mow lawn areas. They also maintain fencing and signage.

Theme park maintenance training and certifications

  • Certified Park and Recreation Professional: This certification covers a broad range of parks and testing in the operations area.
  • Building Operator Certification: You may require this certification if you work in a park with educational programming and several buildings to host community events. This certification trains and evaluates professionals on HVAC systems and energy management through a network of approved providers.
  • Public Grounds Management Certificate: The program trains on pest management, construction and athletic field maintenance, basic pruning and, plant and tree identification.
  • Playground Maintenance Technician Program: This certification program teaches top trends in making repairs, inspection principles, and realistic playground maintenance procedures.

Parks maintenance resources and news

  • National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA): This is a non-profit organization that provides resources on parks maintenance topics and all aspects of recreation and parks. It is greatly helps professionals better understand their role in the organization’s larger mission.
  • State-based parks Associations: Many states supports recreation associations and that offer networking opportunities for personnel, training and resources.

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