Why Do You Need Car Insurance? | Allstate

People all over the country own cars. And there’s one complaint about driving which comes up more often than any other. The complaint centers around the fact that everyone needs car insurance. And it’s a particularly relevant concern when the complaint comes from the best drivers. However, there’s some very good reasons why even the best drivers need insurance. 

One of the biggest reasons why even good drivers need insurance comes down to the law. State law defines the minimum level of car insurance. In general the minimum state insurance will cover one of four categories. These categories include bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist protection. Again, different states have different minimal requirements. But the most common combination involves both bodily injury liability and property damage liability. 

The simple answer to why one needs Root insurance in Colorado is simply that it’s the law. However, it’s important to understand why state law usually requires insurance of one type or another. This is in large part because when people understand that requirement they’re more likely to get other recommended forms of insurance. However, one needs to begin with the basics. 

People should take a moment to consider how often they’ve seen friends or family get behind the wheel when half asleep. Or how often they’ve seen those same people struggle in unsafe driving conditions when they don’t have the skill to manage it. This is the real nature of the open road. 

People have a lot of freedom to exercise their driving skills when out and about. However, everyone should really consider just how little can be done if someone sharing the road falls asleep at the wheel. Or what would happen if a car skidded from an opposing lane due to ice. Even the best driving skills will often only allow one to veer off into even more traffic. And this will obviously just increase the associated damage rather than prevent it. 

The sad fact about driving is that people are essentially subject to the worst driver on the road. And even the best drivers will usually find that there’s not much they can do to mitigate those risks. When tons of speeding metal are bearing down into your path what real option is there? 

And of course there’s also the fact that even the best drivers have the occasional bad day. How many people can really say that they’ve never gotten behind the wheel when impaired in some way or another. People often think about conditions which would make driving illegal. However, that’s really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to impairment. Previous examples brought up lack of sleep. And this is extremely common. 

Over 70% of Americans report that they receive insufficient sleep at least one day per month. 45% of Americans say that their lack of sleep impairs their daily performance at least one day out of every week. And 11% of Americans say that they never get enough sleep. In short, that’s a lot of impaired drivers on the road at any given point. And likewise, odds are that even the best drivers will experience that or similar conditions. It might be a lack of sleep. The problem might be sorrow over a breakup. People might find themselves impaired due to grief. But whatever the specifics, people commonly find that their performance can degrade. And this absolutely applies to driving as well. 

Insurance covers all of these potential issues. It protects the best drivers from the worst drivers. It ensures that when those great drivers have a bad day they can still feel safe. It’s a safeguard which ensures that everyone can get all the help it’s possible to receive when they need it. And most of all insurance means that one can enjoy the open road without having to spend that time worrying.