Hollow core slabs (แผ่นพื้น Hollow core, which is the term in Thai) are concrete elements which have been prestressed and precast. Usually manufactured using long line casting pallets made of steel; they are usually 1200mm wide and are 150mm-500 mm deep. Depending on the requirement, it could be customized.

The spans could be anything of around 20m. They are used for various applications mainly industrial buildings, residential apartments, hotels, schools, and others. The longitudinal void that runs in between ensures that less raw material is consumed. And here are some reasons why it would be beneficial for the construction industry to use them extensively.

Made According to Design:

According to the BIM, architects design, plan, and construct the building efficiently as per the guidelines. And the needs that each structure would have would be dissimilar. This is the reason why prestressed hollow core slabs are designed using 3D CAD software.

And they are always manufactured in factory-controlled conditions. The cut-outs, the narrow width, all would be depending on the necessity. The planning of manufacturing, as well as the site, could be controlled for obtaining maximum efficiency.


Hollow core slabs offer you the benefit of exceptional structural efficiency. The low material usage because of the shallow unit would help with the saving of raw material. This would also help with the better usage of space within buildings.

They are extremely durable with a lifespan of more than 100 years and have a great structural capacity. And when manufactured in a controlled factory environment, it would help with the reduction of noise, waste as well as emission causing pollution.


They are extremely lightweight depending on the profile of the slab. It could be more than 50% in terms of void/solid ratio. This would mean that the corresponding supports and the materials present in the structure could be lightweight as well.

Resistance to Fire:

Another factor for it to be included as a benefit in all kinds of construction industry. They meet all the design requirements as well as the accepted standards when it comes to the fire resistance of a building.

The cores and the voids which are found in the hollow core slab, it provides a natural duct for the service of plumbing as well as the electrical cables. Thus, these are some of the prime reasons why construction businesses should be going for hollow care slabs as they provide thermal efficiency too.

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