Depilatory creams are tricky, sometimes they work wonderfully well, but at other times they confuse you even when you do it according to the rule book. If you think hair creams for women are the same as shaving or waxing, we need to burst your bubble. Using depilatory creams means relying on chemicals to remove the hair, rather than cutting or pulling out from the surface.

However, there are so many choices for body hair removal creams for women online, each claiming to be the best. So, it can be difficult to find one that best suits you. Take a look at what to consider while choose a depilatory cream.

  1. Hair Type

While choosing your perfect type of cream, first check your hair type and which area you want to it remove from. For instance, facial hair is very different from hair along the bikini line. So, the type of cream will also be different. Also, thicker and coarser hair is more prone to problems of ingrowth and bumps when a razor is used. In addition, some areas can have thicker growth than in others. So, choose the right method of body hair removal for women based on the area and hair type.

  1. Skin and Colour Type

While you look for hair removal creams online, another important consideration to taken into account is your skin. If you have very sensitive skin, it is very important for you to use products which have the label for “Sensitive Skin,” so that it does not cause you any harm. Another fact that should be taken into consideration, especially if you are planning to use hair removal creams on the sensitive areas of your body, is the hair colour. Some might leave the shadow of hair on the skin’s surface and you might want to reconsider a different method for hair removal. 

  1. Patch Tests

Before using any cream, a patch test should always be done. This will let you check whether you are allergic to it or not. Some creams might not suit your skin and cause irritation. This can also be detected with a patch test. You must also remember while conducting patch tests that your hair is of different thickness depending on the area you plan to use it on. So, conducting a patch test in only one area of your body might not suffice.

Getting rid of body hair need not be a tricky thing. Remember every person reacts to each cream differently. So, even if your friend had a smooth experience, you may or may not have the same. Another thing you should keep in mind is what kind of hair removal you are seeking, whether it is permanent or temporary. Creams usually temporarily remove hair, as do shaving and waxing. Permanent methods are more invasive, such as laser treatment.