ATV owners have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right tyres for their ATV, which makes the selection of ATV tyres quite challenging. Changing the ATV tyres is not complex at all, but what takes the most time is finding the right type of ATV tyres that fits your requirements.

The easiest option is replacing them with the same set of tyres you bought them with, but what if the manufacturer has discontinued manufacturing them or you want to change the style and tread pattern to better fit the terrain you ride on.

In that case, it is essential to understand the construction of the ATV tyres because different tyres perform in a different in multiple terrains.

Here are some guidelines regarding the ATV tread patterns and terrains. With the right knowledge, you can make an informed decision when you buy your next set of ATV tyres.

All-terrain ATV tyres

All-terrain ATV tyres or trails tyres are the most common type of ATV tyres you will see because when you buy ATV, it comes with trail tyres.The ATV trail tyres are incredibly versatile and can handle most of the terrains very well.

These tyres are not designed for precisely one terrain, like just mud or sand or snow. All-terrain ATV tyres are what you need if you ride in non-extreme conditions all year round.

Mud Tyres

The tread pattern on mud tyres is wide so that the mud and dust are dispersed instead of holding it inside the tyre. ATV mud tyres are aggressive looking and have excellent performance capabilities.

Apart from the tread pattern, another important aspect of mud tyres is the lug depth, ATV mud tyres are the luggiest tyres. The long lugs act as paddles to offer the best

The less aggressive mud tyres can work well in multiple terrains but choose the aggressive tyres only if you ride on mud pits, else it won’t perform well.

Sand Tyres

Riding in sand requires good gripped tyres. The feature that makes ATV sand tyres different for other tyres is the paddle tread pattern. This tread pattern allows the tyres to grip effectively.

If you are riding on the sand, it is almost impossible to ride with all-terrain ATV tyre. Also, sand tyres are not good for any other terrains. The paddle styled tread in the sand tyres offers the traction and flotation that you need to get through the sand.

Race Tyres

Racing tyres, also known as sports tyre have a consistent knob-type tread pattern and are extremely lightweight, making them the right tyres for tackling medium or hard terrains. The knobs are square in shape to allow them to be able to bite in every direction.

ATV race tyres are designed to get the most traction possible. Also, the racing tyres need to be durable so that it is able to handle the abuse of the race from start to finish.

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