Social messaging applications are popularly acknowledged worldwide as chat applications are software and platforms that allow instant radiocommunication. Multiple of these apps rectify into a much comprehensible utilization, facilitating status updates, chatbots, even payments, and any form of confidential eCommerce transactions. 

The primary creation of the online chat program is CompuServe’s CB Simulator, released in 1980 and requires a monthly membership fee to utilize. In 1996, an Israeli firm called Mirabilis then unleashed the first origination of online messenger they labeled as ICQ, short for the phrase “I Seek You.”

Although it is highly different from today’s online applications, ICQ was the first stand-alone instant messenger (IM) during that era.

Soon after, more and more IM platforms came aboard, generating a much broader radiocommunication across the world. These improvements made by many virtuosos are now the reason why both the social media world and eCommerce are far more superior than the previous generation. 

These IM productions are impossible to make if it is not for modernized technologies and the wireless communications caused by the Internet and cellular towers. The Internet is a powerful system that connects all devices worldwide. On the other hand, cell sites or cellular base stations are cellular-based mobile device sites with an aerial to assist cellular communication in various networks. That is why sending and receiving messages, chats, voice chats, calls, and video calls are feasible.

In line with the modernization of the Instant Messaging applications and technologized connections, so does the method of trading, selling, and purchasing goods and services. Entrepreneurs are exploiting the vastness and grandness of these IMs and modern devices. With so many social media platforms available that thousands to millions of users utilize, there are also several opportunities for trading and getting one’s brand known.

Before anything else, it is still highly significant for an individual to recognize and compare all these chat applications’ encryption, protection, and safe usage. Although many consumers use an IM, it does not stop a scammer from retrieving any privileged information.

These exploitative individuals are why authorities implemented mobile compliance that legislates WhatsApp call monitoring, archiving text messages, and recording phone calls. This law is a preventive measure by any big or small enterprise to refrain from being victimized by defrauders.

To learn more and compare the differences of many chats’ applications’ encryption, protection, and safe usage, continue reading the infographic below made by TeleMessage:chat-application-file