A fluffy tabby cat about to sneeze

A dry or cracked cat nose may be disturbing to any cat owner. Often it may be a sign of a severe health problem, and sometimes it may not be. Find out when you need to think over what your cat’s nose means and what you need to about their well-being.

Fever And Dehydration

While it is also common for a cat to have a dry nose for environmental purposes, it is often true that a sick cat may have a dry nose with a high fever.  If you want to know if your cat is sick or not, you can’t just test the nose. There are other more significant signs that need to be noticed.


Inhalant, food and touch allergies can all cause scaly, dry skin dermatitis. Allergic dermatitis also triggers additional bacterial or yeast infections, which make inflammation worse. Allergies are difficult to detect, but your veterinarian will help you through these measures. They can include allergy testing and hypoallergenic food testing.


Regrettably, mites are not the only source of complications for the pet’s owners. Cats can also have problems with Demodex and scabies. After taking a skin biopsy, the vet will administer a tape cytology examination and recommend the necessary treatment.


There are a few forms of cancer that can damage the nose of a cat. That’s why it’s so important to get your cat to the vet when there are signs of sickness. The earlier cancer is diagnosed, the greater the likelihood for effective treatment.

If your cat has a dry nose, it’s certainly not something you need to think about. In fact, it’s absolutely natural. However if your cat has generally been sick and is not very active, it’s a warning that you ought to take her to a vet to check if she’s healthy or not.

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