Buying New Year presents online is becoming more and more popular every year. The Mastercard study shows that 7 out of 10 consumers will benefit from such a solution. Internet users decide to shop online for many reasons – they want to spread spending over time, take advantage of attractive promotions or save their nerves and not queuing up.

So how do you buy presents online with your head? Here are some tips that will be useful in the pre- New Year chaos.

  1. Don’t leave shopping at the last minute

Shopping centers in the heat of New Yearshopping are primarily promotions, lots of people and queues. Everyone is preparing for the New Yearseason in advance, employing temporary workers who will be able to handle orders in the promised time. Despite these preparations, there are more and more orders every year and a wise consumer should remember about delays that may appear anyway in such a hot period. That is why it is best to plan your purchases in advance. Experts say ordering gifts after December 14 is at considerable risk of not receiving a package before New Year. So in that scenario you can also gift vanilla mastercard as well.

  1. Cheap, cheaper, cheapest – compare offers

November is a promotion month – that’s when Black Friday, which is one of the largest days of sales in the world. Black Friday comes from the USA, but is also gaining more and more popularity in Poland. Discounts in many stores can reach up to 50%, which sounds like a great opportunity to buy gifts for your loved ones. However, it is worth being careful, because it is not difficult to find an apparent promotion. Some companies specifically inflate product prices just before discounts, just to tempt buyers with a unique opportunity.

  1. Buy local products

Choosing the right gift that the recipient will be happy with is often a big challenge. If we have a problem finding something special and ideas from chain stores are not interesting in any way, it is worth looking at the offers of small Polish businesses. In marketplaces such as Pakamera, Etsy and Showroom you can find many original products – from cosmetics, through interior accessories, to clothes. They are often made from A to Z in Poland, so by buying them, we not only give a loved one something unique, but we also support Polish entrepreneurs and the Polish economy.

  1. Pay later

Preparations for New Year can strain your wallet. That is why many consumers decide to spread the purchase of presents over time, so they do not spend much in December alone. Thanks to this service, the order pays off when it’s convenient, even if you don’t have funds on your account at the moment. You don’t have to pay in advance. You can defer payment up to 30 days from the date of purchase of the product or spread it over 6 convenient installments, but if you find that more time is needed for repayment. It is certainly an interesting solution for all online shoppers and useful in planning holiday expenses.

  1. Be careful

You always have to be secure online, but it’s easy to forget about it in the heat of New Year shopping. Therefore, we remind you that gifts should be bought only from proven stores, make sure that the payment use to be sent to the accurate place and the accurate amount.

  1. Remember the right to a refund

Missed New Year gifts are a fairly popular phenomenon. Fortunately, buying gifts online helps you deal with it easily – e-consumers finally have more legal protection than offline buyers. Any unsuccessful gift can be returned within 14 days of receiving the goods, without having to state the reason for your decision.

  1. Pay for your order online

We are busy before New Year, but we also want each of the presents to arrive on time. That is why it is worth paying for New Year shopping online and giving up the option of cash on delivery. Orders paid via the internet are processed much more efficiently, which also means faster delivery.

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