Would you ever walk into the office with bird poop on your jacket?  What about hosting a party with a dead bug on your blouse?  Of course not, so why then would you drive, or invite friends to ride in a dirty car? Our vehicle is often the first part of us that people see and cleaning it can make all the difference.

Here are ten possible reasons your car needs cleaning:



If it’s on the road or in the air, it’ll end up on your car. Regardless if it’s desert dust or highway mud, it all becomes dirt, and you may not even notice until it’s covered your whole vehicle.

Bird Droppings

No, our feathered friends aren’t shy about leaving their mark – right on our paint. And the problem is not just that there’s poop on your pristine car. Bird droppings are highly acidic and may do real damage to your car’s paint.


Sure, we notice them when they splat on our windshield and respond quickly with wiper fluid. What about the rest of the car? Especially on bumpers, dead insects, if not cleaned off regularly, can do real damage to the paint. There have even been cases of bed bug infestations in cars. Be on the lookout for eggs or exoskeletons, to be safe.


Just as we get them in our homes, we can also get spiders in our cars. And while most of them are not dangerous, their sudden appearance while we’re driving can be. Therefore, it’s best to get rid of any webs you see. There are several other methods to ward off spiders. One of them is rubbing a lemon on your windows and doors.


Face it. Cars are full of moving parts, and many of them require lubrication. Sometimes these fluids end up on our wheels. And just as new wheels can spruce up any vehicle, dirty ones are sure to bring it down.

Water Spots

We know better than to drink rainwater, but we frequently let it sit on our cars. As a result, spots form on an otherwise clean surface. More often, we may allow a morning’s condensation to evaporate, thinking it will entirely disappear – only to find spots.



Wherever we humans go, we always leave stuff. Food wrappers, shopping bags, coffee cups, you name it, the more time we spend in our cars, the more it accumulates. One easy way to keep clutter under control is to keep a plastic bag in the car for your trash and dispose of it when it’s full. And, no, using the back seat as a garbage can is not the answer.  Sooner or later, someone’s going to have to sit back there.


You would never eat in your car, would you? Everyone, at some point, has to, and even if we wipe the ketchup from our chin and throw all our trash out, crumbs still accumulate. Over time, they can find their way into the cracks and crevices of your interior and make your car look permanently lived-in. The simplest solution is to never eat in your car. The easier answer may be to vacuum regularly.


From ice cream to coffee and beyond, liquids can leave nasty stains on your seats or floor if you’re not careful. Accidents do happen, but you must respond quickly to prevent stains. Clean them with the appropriate supplies pronto or risk having a permanent reminder on your upholstery.


Last but not least, the best to measure the cleanliness of a car is not only with your eyes but your nose. If something doesn’t smell right, start cleaning. Sooner or later, you’ll get to the source and have your car smelling fresh once again.

Car Washes, Get Them Fast and Frequently

Inside or out, when your car needs cleaning, it’s better to take care of it now versus later. You’ll find a clean vehicle is always just a bit more likable. And why risk embarrassment if you have passengers? Wash N Go offers fast, sustainable, and affordable wash options. Using only biodegradable products and 20 gallons or less of water per wash, we’re here to keep the rest of the world clean as well. For fast car washes, free vacuums, and free floor mat cleanings, stop by Wash N Go to refresh your ride! Go and check their website https://washngo-express.com/ here.



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